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Welcome to Elite Hotels

At Elite Hotels we have a single minded and unwavering goal to make every visit to our hotels a positive experience that customers feel compelled to talk about.

We know that positive guest experiences will always be our best form of marketing, and as such, our entire team soon learns that each individual’s part is crucial to achieving our business objectives.

Our commitment to our entire team, across all hotels, is to:

  • Recruit, develop and retain the best talent to ensure we constantly deliver distinctively memorable experiences
  • Create a team spirit and supportive, professional working environment 

Please take a look at my short Q&A below, as I discuss my development within the company having joined as head waiter nearly 40 years ago, and how important each and every member of the team is at Elite Hotels. 


Graeme Bateman - Managing Director, Elite Hotels

Q&A with Graeme Bateman - Managing Director, Elite Hotels

Graeme Bateman Headshot

How do the staff help Elite Hotels in achieving its purpose?

Staff are instrumental to achieving the company's goals and objectives and setting the vision. Without the staff, we don't have a business.

Whilst we have these iconic buildings surrounded by a beautiful parkland, it's the staff that bring them to life and make Elite Hotels what it is.

How are the staff encouraged to grow at Elite Hotels?

Many of the staff have grown with the company over the years. Starting with myself, I started as a head waiter back in early 1980s and moved onto the role of restaurant manager. I then progressed through the ranks to general manager, took on the role of managing director, as we purchased The Grand in 1998.

What advise would you give to somebody who's interested in working in hospitality?

If you want to get into hospitality first and foremost, you need to like people. It sounds very obvious, but there are those that are incredibly passionate.

If you want to make a difference for a customer, then hospitality is a tremendous industry. It's a very broad industry and there's something for everybody.

Why should people join Elite Hotels?

Why Elite Hotels? Obviously, there's a lot of different hotel companies. Elite Hotels is independent. You're not a number, you're a person. And whilst with over 750 permanent workforce, 250 variable workers, people do feel they're part of a family, and that's why people stay with us so long.