Meet the team: Luton Hoo Hotel Executive Housekeeper, Jane Steel

Name: Jane Steel
Job Title: Executive Housekeeper 

Jane Steel joined Luton Hoo just 6 months after the hotel opened in 2008, and has been working as the Executive Housekeeper there for 10 years. In charge of over 70 staff in her team, Jane’s role is extremely busy but she loves working with such a reliable and diverse team. She strives to ensure that all of her staff are treated as individuals and that they feel welcomed and valued within her team. Jane believes that if you treat your employees well they are more inclined to provide a high standard of service to the hotel guests, which is expected at the 5 star Luton Hoo Hotel.

Jane’s day-to-day tasks include; managing the running of the department, ensuring that all housekeeping tasks are dealt with effectively and efficiently, and looking after staff welfare. She uses proactive leadership and good budget management to ensure that the standards of cleanliness and presentation in both the public areas and the guest rooms are always upheld to an exemplary level.

Her career path in Housekeeping started at a very early age. Her father had a military background, working for the Royal Air Force, and they used to play a game of “bedroom inspections” at their home, meaning that Jane always had to make sure her room was cleaned and perfectly tidy, ready to be inspected. Her father instilled good manners in her from an early age, stressing the importance of always saying “please” and “thank you”, and as well as this he taught her many other key values such as determination and attention to detail, all of which have helped her towards her career today.

Initially, Jane planned to pursue a teaching career, but at the age of 17, she applied to join British Transport Hotels and was accepted working for 6 months at the Midland Hotel in Manchester as a Room Attendant prior to starting her housekeeping training. She hasn’t looked back since! Over a period of just 4 years, Jane rose quickly through the ranks from trainee to Head Housekeeper, becoming the youngest person ever to hold that title within the company, at just 21 years of age. She has gained a wealth of experience throughout her 40-year career as a Housekeeper, and one of her key mantras today is “Never ask someone to do something which you’re not prepared to do yourself”.

Jane loves her job at Luton Hoo, particularly her team and the beautiful property and environment which she works in every day. She particularly enjoyed her involvement with the set-up and opening of Warren Weir, watching it transform from an empty shell (which required a hi-vis jacket, helmet and boots just to set foot inside) to the beautiful venue we see today. Jane has also achieved several exciting industry accolades throughout her time at Luton Hoo: she was a finalist in the Boutique Hotelier of the Year awards in 2017 and was awarded Housekeeper of the Year at the prestigious Hotel Cateys in 2016. Looking to the future, Jane is focusing on her involvement with some exciting project goals including refurbishment of Luton Hoo Hotel’s public areas and guest rooms.

Outside of her demanding role, Jane enjoys photography, cooking, and listening to music in her spare time. Her favourite food is British and French, and in the background, you’ll find her listening to a mix of Nat King Cole, Coldplay, the Kaiser Chiefs and Rod Stewart.

Jane is a valued member of the Luton Hoo Team and believes this is down to her key life values, which are:

1)    Be supportive of my family
2)    Give respect to and earn respect from my family, friends and colleagues
3)    Be professional at all times
4)    Treat people as I would like to be treated
5)    Give 100% to everything I do

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